Photographer Roger Craton on the Art of Giclée
My vision is particularly attracted to images that contain strong graphic design elements and, often, man-made objects.A photograph is brought to life when that vision is creatively combined with light, color, and texture—plus an overlay of emotional content. My photographs show the world as I see it."

Roger’s work is produced as limited edition prints on textured watercolor paper. He does the "darkroom work" for these prints digitally, using Adobe Photoshop.

Roger Craton is a fine art photographer who travels widely looking for unique images. He began to pursue photography seriously when he retired from his business career and moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 1992. Since then he has worked closely with local photographer Jon Stuart; attended "Photography at the Summit" workshops conducted by Rich Clarkson; and studied with National Geographic photographer Sam Abell and Magnum photographer Alex Webb.

Roger’s artist’s statement says, in part: "A successful photographer’s vision defines their work.

Roger Craton
Jackson Hole,

Original Medium:

Title: Harbor Evening

Lyson Watercolor
Soft, 285 gm


Hunter Editions
Kennebunk, ME
"Harbor Evening"